January 1, 2015. The start of a new year, always filled with possibilities, filled with hope. For whatever reason, we use this day as an opportunity to start over, start fresh. To do something. Anything. As a society we have this drive to better ourselves, and I, like just about everybody else, have things I want to do, too.

I have made resolutions for the new year, and like many of you, I have every good intention of following through on them, even though I know deep down that I probably won’t. As much as I want to, keeping my car clean, while on the list, really isn’t very high on my priority list.

Eating right and exercising are high on my priority list, but past experience has proven that they are not high enough that I will continue with them past the point of discomfort or inconvenience. Such is life.

One thing that is high on my priority list, and something I am willing to do when it becomes inconvenient is to write more. Starting with this blog space. My goal is to write a blog entry at least once a week, about whatever strikes my fancy. Today it is about resolutions, naturally. Next week, it may be about school, or writing, or religion or whatever life brings may way.

Whether or not anyone reads what I write is irrelevant, I guess. What’s important is that I write. All the other author blogs that I follow say that to be a successful author in this day and age you have to have an online presence beyond your personal FaceBook page, and so mine begins with this blog.

You see, I think I’m finally ready to admit it to myself, and to the world, that I want to be a writer. A successful writer. I want to get to the point that I can make a living through selling what I write. That is my “five-year plan,” such as it is. I hope that anyone reading this will hold me to this goal, and bug me about it constantly. Maybe, buy the time 2016 gets here I’ll be a published author.

Who knows? Anything can happen.

Happy New Year!

Kevin Lute